Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walking on Faith

I've been getting some interesting information from a couple of different sources. Not only is it GOOD information that I need to implement, but curiously enough, it comes from two (seemingly) unrelated directions. And, there, in my lap, they land and merge and support one another.

As I was reading one, a phrase jumped off of the page at me: "Sometimes you have to do it before you can understand it". I get that. I'm a kinesthetic learner. I like to "do" it to learn it. It's in the "do-ing" that I begin to comprehend the process.

But when I read it, it hit a spiritual place of understanding. Oh. That.

Sometimes I need to walk on faith, setting my foot in the glimmer of light on the path ahead of me. I don't always know where I'm going, nor do I understand why I'm in the valley I'm in.

But, from time to time, I get to look back - as we walk out of the dark places and into the light. I get to look back, and things are a little clearer. I begin to have some understanding.

And then I read this (from a third, totally "unrelated" source): "It is comforting to know that the God who guides us sees our tomorrows more clearly than we see our yesterdays".

Yes. It is comforting. And it encourages me to walk...... purely on faith.

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