Sunday, July 18, 2010

Top Ten Thing I Learned at Camp

Having just returned from camp, and having another 6 loads of (camp-damp) laundry to wash, lets suffice for a top 10 list:

The top 10 things I learned at camp are:

10. Bug juice and "The Princess Pat" remain the same despite the passing of time
9. Girl-drama exists even in the woods.
8. Boy-drama is worse than girl-drama
7. Pubescent boy-drama is enough to make me wish to be anywhere else than in the midst of it
6. Kids love to have fun
5. Kids also love to be noticed for who they are
4. No matter how you spell it, three is too many "Jacob/Jakeb" s in one cabin
3. Anbesol takes the drama out of wasp stings
2. Despite having wonderful days - it is good to be home

And the number 1 thing I learned at camp

1. There are many, many opportunities to pray!

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