Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lion and the Lamb

It was a God-teachin'-me kind of morning. I'm a bit weary in the Mommy department, with a reprieve in sight, so just moving forward til then.

The music hit me during worship, especially as I looked out over the youth. Since they have returned from camp, they have taken over the middle section - front and center. And, as I look out, one young woman in particular strikes me. Since her return, she embodies Joy. This morning, it moved me to tears. She stands, singing with her hands raised high, completely joyful, as I sign "my God is might to save", with tears streaming down my face. Tears like that show me God is at work.

I had the opportunity to sit with my daughter during the sermon. My son had chosen to sit with a friend. It was refreshing to sit without one or the other vying for my attention.

As my friend and mentor interpreted the next song, two words stuck out. "Strong" and "Gentle". We had been singing a line about "the Lion and the Lamb", which made me aware of Jesus' gentle strength.

It is an area in which I need to improve.

I can tell we're in a season of teaching. I wish I knew the lesson plan, but I am sure that He will let me know as we move along.

I lay down to rest for a bit between church an camp preparations, and as I dozed off, I said, "Teach me.... teach me..... teach me...."

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