Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being Stalked

I'm definitely in a "being stalked" season. Conversations are happening and I am being introduced to new materials from different sources that all support and substantiate each other.

It's very, very exciting.... but it also freaks me out a bit. While I'm excited to listen and learn, and know that it's all lining up too perfectly and randomly for it to be of my own doing, I pause.

As I hear, and see and read and experience these things that challenge me to grow, I reach for the familiar. I wish I could say I did not, and instead I ran to Him and His plan with open arms.

I am walking in a general forward direction. Sometimes I feel I've made progress when my feet stand firmly where they are - instead of running back to hide.

I do not want to remain where I am for the remainder of my life... so I must move. When He calls my name, I should turn in His direction and walk to where He has called. When He invites me to dance, I should listen for His music, take His hand and dance....

I may walk on trembling legs, but I trust that He will hold me.

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