Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beach Reunion

It has been a while since I have spent any time on a New England beach! I was in high school the last time I spent the majority of a day at a beach. But the 2010 Cousin Reunion began there.

Ten cousins spent the day jumping waves and digging in the sand. Eight boys and two girls. Quite a sight.

Yet, it is different, being at the beach as a teenager and as a parent. All the things my kids were wanting to do - body surfing and swimming underwater made me somewhat nervous as a parent. Sure, I want them to experience it.... I just want them to experience it NEAR ME.

They are very comfortable in the water, but naive to the ways of the sea. So, together, we body surfed "Wave-zilla" and sat on the beach. I opted out of the full-body burial, but managed to swing by for the final touches to the sand mermaid body one of my nephews had created for my daughter.

I'm grateful for the day and the opportunity to be with family. I am quite sure it will be another year before we are able to gather all the cousins together again.

Thank You God for a beautiful day, and safety for all.

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