Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Preparing for Camp

We head to camp in the next few days. I've been pulling aside things for the kids to wear, writing their names on everything they intend to bring, and wondering how it will all get done. Packing, preparing, being sure everything on the list makes it into the "trunk".

Camp is an incredible place - friendships, growth, adventure. Swimming, boating, horseback riding.

I think back to the summers I spent at camp. I wonder if my kids will work their way up through the ranks from camper to counsellor.

I look forward to a little change in routine - kids in cabins, and me in the nurse's station.

I begin praying now for the kids that will arrive over the weekend. May they be up for adventure, low in the area of homesickness. I pray for safety and for fun. And I pray the rain that is forecasted for most of next week doesn't interrupt the days....

To camp! Viva la compagnie!

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