Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Water Party (aka the mud puddle)

I've got no explanation for this boy's fascination with the mud. But he sure loved it.

There was a slip n slide (that created the mud) and water balloons, but clearly, here is where he derived his greatest joy. Time and time again, he returned to the sogginess of the yard to squish it through his toes and lather it up on his body.

I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. Clearly, he would shower afterwards, so REALLY what did it hurt? (aside from the little mud pit in my yard - that was there anyhow - thanks to the aforementioned slip n slide). But... Seriously? It's just not "right"... (meaning conventional).

On the other hand, women much older than he pay lots of money to smear their faces and bodies with mud. So again.... what did it hurt?

Maybe it's a kid thing... Maybe it's a boy thing...

I don't know

What I DO know: Somehow (clearly the grace of God), he managed NOT to track it into my house!

Thank you God for friends and summer fun!

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