Monday, July 19, 2010

Prayer Warrior

Twice in a week, I've been called a prayer warrior. It was a title that struck me by surprise a few years ago, when I first heard myself referred to in that way. It is one I am becoming more and more comfortable with.

It was on my drive to camp that I got a text that said, "you have a direct line with God". At that point, I got a lump in my throat that was hard to swallow around. I was on my way to camp, but praying for my friend who was burying her husband. I certainly hoped He was listening to me at that point.

The second was over this past weekend.

And curiously enough, the sermon I interpreted on Sunday was the parable of the persistent widow. The take home message: "Pray continually. Never give up".

So that I will do.

Pray without ceasing. Never give up!

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Jae said...

Yes, me too, pray. Without ceasing.