Thursday, July 22, 2010

Prayer, Yoga and Sleep

It was late and there should have been no reason for me not to sleep, yet I found myself struggling.

I had an urgency to pray, so I sat, closed my eyes and began to sign. One by one my prayers came off of my hands - for people and places and situations and for guidance for myself.

Once I had peace with my prayers "spoken", I lay back down.

Now the aches and soreness of a week at camp and a day of travel became apparent. I worked at the muscles of my neck, and stretched my arms and shoulders.

Again, I got up, and asked my body to lead. We did yoga pose after yoga pose and the spinal stretches from my martial arts class.

That complete, I sat up against the wall and let my head roll side to side, stretching out my neck again. And then, I just sat quietly for a long time.

Finally, I slept.....really, really well...

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