Monday, August 3, 2009

Being Stalked: Loving well

If there were any doubt in my mind that God's active "stalking" of me continues, it is gone, gone, gone...

There are a few phrases that really catch my attention: "Thus Far" and "Love well" are by far the top two. When I hear them, I KNOW that God is not far away... and usually, there is some teachin' gonna happen! Typically, I sigh, take a deep breath and have learned to hold on for the ride.

In this example, it's not much different...

From time to time, "difficult" people appear in my life. I've learned that they are rarely brought into my life for the sole purpose of annoying me. Quite the contrary. There is almost always a very clear purpose in our walk together.

Some have demonstrated character traits that were hard for me to see in myself - traits that desperately needed changing.... within ME. Others reenact relationships from my past that are in need some sort of restoration or release. Perhaps, they teach me how to live differently in a similar situation.... or let go.

Whatever the reason, they're there, showing up at the strangest times. When they appear, I begin to pray: "Lord, help me." "What do I do?" "Show me" "Give me the words" (or "hold my tongue!") and sometimes even "PUH-LEASE disconnect me from this!"

Help - Yes. Guide - Yes. Show - Yes. Words (or no words) - Yes. Disconnect - Never. Drat.

I was discussing a situation with a friend of mine not long ago. She asked me what I thought God was asking me to do in this relationship. The answer came immediately... I sighed and shook my head as I typed my reply: "love them well".

I thought back to the last time I'd received those instructions: "love him well". It was at the end of my marriage. Fortunately, I also remembered what I'd learned: "Show me how, Lord... show me how..."

A few days later, I headed away for a week's vacation. Perhaps not having to work with them for a little while would give God a chance to teach me. I returned renewed, but without any divine insight.

Sunday morning, at church, I step into the bathroom and dropped my jaw. There, before me was the flier for the upcoming women's retreat: Beth Moore - "Loving well". A retreat in a box... with my name written ALLLL over it.

"No, no, no, no, no....." silently, I stood, reading the description of the course. "oh, no.... Here we go...." I took a deep breath and stood up tall... closed my eyes and said:

"Lead on, Lord....."

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