Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My plans, God's plans.... still praying....

My intention was to make today a day of five minute jobs. Partially, the list has grown to epic proportions, and partially, I thought it would help me be continually in prayer. My intention was to take a moment to pray between each task.

But, I think God had other plans for my day. It has turned out to be a day of service. A day of reaching out and lending a hand to others in my life. I'm good with that!

The other thing that is interesting to me. My day of "praying without ceasing" began with one group of people I intended to pray for today. I drafted this blog entry days ago, anticipating their need - everything to this point has been re-written. Since writing the draft, there have been several other prayer needs brought to my attention. Curiously enough....

The prayer, remains the same:

I pray for you peace and strength. Wisdom, discernment and hope. Most of all, I pray for unyielding faith that He knows all and will continue to reign eternal.

As you walk forward today, know that you are covered in prayer, and held very close to Him.

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Pam said...

thanks for the encouragment to keep praying through out the day!! wonderful! to pray between tasks!!