Friday, August 29, 2008

Thus Far

The night that crisis hit my marriage, I lay in the bed and prayed. I prayed that whatever needed to happen, happened - "fast and furious!" Over and over again, I prayed - "fast and furious, Lord, fast and furious!"

Careful what you pray for!

The next morning, I joined my Women's Bible Study group to continue Beth Moore's "Believing God". Beth had a way of speaking to me, and though I didn't know it yet, God was working overtime in my life.

Beth was telling the story of the Israelites hauling stones out of the Jordan River as they escaped Egypt, and of Samuel, after the defeat of the Philistines, raising a stone to symbolize - in Beth's words - "We have no idea where we're going from here, but THUS FAR, God has been with us"

The dam broke, and my tears poured out. I shared with them the story of the previous night. They circled around me, prayed over me, prayed for me, my marriage, my children...

And in that moment, the truth of the saying "when God is all you have, you realize God is all you need" moved from my head to my heart. The series of events that had led me to this group of women, that had re-established my connection with God, fell into place. The puzzle pieces fit.

I could appreciate - to the best of my human ability - the work that had been done (by God!) in my life through the previous years for this moment in time. To be surrounded by a group of godly women, to have met God in the stillness of the yoga mat, to have restored my belief in the power of prayer, and the benevolence and omnipotence of God Himself.

I had no idea where I was going from there - but of one thing I was certain: "THUS FAR God had been with me"

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Pam said...

I so, so, so remember watching that same video and weeping uncontrolably... While God had me very prepared for the night my x walked out, like He did you... He set up so many things after the fact that couldn't be set up before... like the people he brought around me and the Bible Studies I started going to. Before HSSH left, I didn't have time for many friends, or for Bible Study, I had my time with Him every morning, and I was praying and journaling... asking Him to do "whatever it took" in HSSH's life... (yes, be careful what you pray for)... He is so Good to us.