Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Makeup!! WHOO HOOO!!

As if I didn't already realized how fast they are growing up, I was asked by my seven-going-on-seventeen year old daughter when could she have her own make up.

I had OK'd lip gloss, which she would wear from time to to time, and reminded her of this. "No, Mom. Blush. Lipstick... you know..."

Blush, yes. I do know. Lipstick. Ewwww. What a pain! For SOOO many reasons, not the least of them being "finding one in the drier!" I mean, c'mon. I've got so many other things to do besides reapply lipstick, and hope I don't leave tell-tale traces of color here and there.

I'm not a "girly-girl". My daughter is.

She'd begged to go to Wal*mart. I told her we'd look through my make up and find her something. And so, the day that started so horribly, ended sweetly.

She opened my drawer and started looking through it. "The first thing to know about make up," I told her, " is that it doesn't matter as much what you put ON your face as it does to TAKE CARE OF your face." I went on to explain that make up wouldn't cover up the lack of care, and that eating well, drinking plenty of water and getting adequate rest were the things that would really help her shine beautifully from the inside out. She nodded intently.

I dug through til I found a blush that I'd not used because it ended up being a shade too light for me. I showed her the how's and where's, demonstrating once, then allowing her to do the same. Searching further I found a sample lipstick color that was just about right for her. She put that on and grinned from ear to ear.

I reminded her that with increased privileges come increased responsibilities. She MUST wash her face before bed to remove the make up. She agreed willingly. (Score!)

I reminded her that it was NOT to wear to school or to church, for the time being. She went skipping to add her new treasures to her lip gloss collection.

I sat contemplating the words that had come out of my mouth. "It doesn't matter as much what you put ON your face as it does to TAKE CARE OF your face." The same is true with my life. It is what is INSIDE my life that matters. My care - or lack there of- is what will shine through, no matter what I place on the exterior.

The things and the stuff that surround me don't matter as much as how I live my life. There is no "stuff" that will cover the effects of a life poorly lived.

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Jae said...

I want to tell you how awesome you are in your wisdom with A. I was a girly-girl too. My mom, definately not. She was a 'guy's mom' big time successful athlete, so not into make up.

She didn't get it when I wanted so much to wear make up (I was 9 yo). She said I was too young, and so, that was the first real concious memory I have of her not accepting who I was/am. How easy it would have been to do as you did, to allow blush and lip gloss, only at home, not at school or church. How much that would have endeared her to me...but instead it was the beginning of me feeling inadequate and unaccepted for who God created em to be.

So, from a forever girly-girl, thank you for how you demonstrate love and tenderness.

I love you!! J.