Monday, August 24, 2009

A Profession of Faith

It kind of surprised me a few weeks ago when my daughter said "Mom, I want to be baptized".

It was one of those occasions as a mother that I wasn't prepared for. I expected one day that yes, she would, but it snuck up on me faster than I care to admit. It also proved to me that she listens and observes much more than I realize.

We sat and talked. I asked questions about what it means to be "baptized". She answered until I didn't know what else to ask. She prayed, "inviting Jesus into her heart", just before I kissed her goodnight.

For days, I continued to question her - rephrasing questions I already asked. Did she *really* understand? She is seven after all...

The next Sunday, I mentioned it to the pastor. We set up a time for her to talk with him. I had another week to talk with her before then. Seriously, I ran out of questions, so we just talked some more.

When that day arrived, I was surprised by yet another thing. She asked to pick something up from home before we went to sit with the pastor. I asked her what. "You'll see...." she said. We drove up and she ran in and came back with a little notepad with a verse on it. She had received it for Christmas last year.

She asked me to read it. Her prayer journal. Prayers of petition and of gratitude. I stood amazed. I had no idea. I had no words. Just a smile and a hug.

I sat, they talked. I listened as she held my hand tightly. She does get it.

So, Sunday, we went, and I stood beside her in the creek. The pastor spoke of the joy in her face as she spoke of accepting Jesus, encouraging the witnesses to get to know her and watch her mature in her relationship with God. Standing beside my daughter, she proclaimed her faith to those standing on the shore.

Now, it begins.... truly, truly begins....

May I encourage her. May I support her. May I guide her. But mostly.... May I be a model of a loving, obedient Christian woman.

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