Sunday, August 23, 2009

Loving "Testy"

Beth (Moore) spent a lot of time talking about "Testy" at our weekend retreat. "Testy" is the descriptor for the people in our lives who are a challenge to love. We do, but it's hard work. We often leave feeling exhausted or craving something to ease our discomfort.

She says - and I concur - that these people are hand picked and placed in our lives with a specific purpose.... to bring out the worst in us. Once it is brought out, God can pluck it away.

She encouraged us to remember that "something is broken in Testy", and to ask for insight. Insight brings compassion, and makes it easier to extend love to them.

"Testy" people also remind us to deal with our issues, or we will become "Testy" as well. In my life, I have found that the people who bug me the most are the ones who have the most to teach me... usually about the same issue that annoys me the most in them. The ol' "you spot it, you got it". Oh yeah. Been there, done that...

It is often painful, and certainly a challenge. There have been times when I have KNOWN that a person had shown up in my life for a reason. I have known they are God-placed, and yet I have prayed and prayed hard that He would removed the heart-connect, or the relationship. "I am happy to work them, Lord, very kindly, I will work with them, but please don't ask me to love them...." "Request denied. Love them well...."

"Show me, Lord...."

Give me wisdom and insight. Help me see clearly through Your eyes. Give me undeniable opportunities to "love them well". Lead and I will follow.

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