Sunday, August 2, 2009

What I Like, What I Do

I had tuned into some of the internal chatter that occupies my brain from time to time. Brushing my teeth, just casually eavesdropping on the silent conversation regarding planning a picnic. Suddenly, I stopped brushing, spit into the sink and spoke aloud. "Wait, wait, wait...."

"What do you like to eat?" you asked, I commented to one part of myself.

And, turning to face another invisible part, "you replied, "What do I LIKE to eat, or what DO I eat?"

"You understand why that's important, right?" I said to both of them.

I then turned to more conscious thinking, asking both of the questions and extracting answers - and finding them very interesting! The two lists had little in common. On one hand was salmon and asparagus and salads of various types. Fruits and vegetable, water and tea. The other rattled off like a drive-thru menu.

Really? Yeah. Really. I didn't realize the extent of the dichotomy that existed. Which then begs the next question:


Good question. I dare say much of it is related to an overbooked schedule, and the resulting exhaustion. With conscious effort, it is improving, but there remains much room for improvement.

May I weed through the extraneous "stuff" in my life to find the real goodness. May I listen and choose well. May I follow You.

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