Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Power of Prayer

I knew my son wasn't feeling well when he said he was too tired for karate. I made it clear to him that his alternative was dinner a shower and an early bedtime, to which he eagerly agreed. Odd.

"Can I snuggle in your bed?" he asked? Reluctantly, I agreed. I'll let him fall asleep there sometimes and then move him into his bed for the night. His cough had subsided, but I was sure, if he was brewing something, he was certainly contagious... and I SURE didn't want it.

I also didn't want him to spike a fever. We'd gotten notice of the sick policy for the school this year. "Fever of 100 without a known cause" means an automatic week off. I suspect the H1N1 flu virus is the reason behind it, but.... seriously?

I opted to let him sleep there for the night - I could better monitor his temperature, his cough/wheezing, and pray.

I did my best to keep my back to him - I love him dearly, but not the suspected germs! When I went to bed, I lay my hand on his chest and prayed for him: healing, strength, relief of fatigue, ease of breathing, eradicate his cough and his wheezing, and please, please, please... keep his fever down. We'd hit 99.4 at bedtime.

He held tight to my hand for a while, clear up to my elbow. He flopped around like a fish, and I kept praying.

When he let go of his grip on my arm, I removed it. Pulling it toward me, I smeared it with hand sanitizer, before tucking it up under my chin.

And so my night progressed. He'd flop or cough, and I'd reach back, touch him and pray. "Please heal my boy". I didn't sleep much, but it didn't matter... I had other priorities that night.

He woke up feeling "better", still tired, and a little warm - 99.7. I kept him home, and told him I would continue to pray for him. "Continue?" he asked. "Yes," I replied. "I prayed for you all night long...."

"Well, Mom...." he said with certainty. "THAT is why I feel better..."

I love my boy, his faith and our God.

(and yes, he is 100% well again!)

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