Friday, August 7, 2009


I keep coming back to it. Discernment. Perhaps as I write, I will learn.... He teaches me that way, you know...

Life barrages us with opportunities to fine tune our discernment. Day after day, moment after moment. Opportunity after hidden opportunity!

As I think through the day, prioritize the items on the "to do" list, I hear a reminder to not "mistake the urgent for the important". Sometimes I get so focused on the deadlines that I miss out on some of the richness of this life. I hope I haven't done that too much with my kids.

I am very aware of the big deadlines ahead of me: PTO open house and the Consignment sale drop-off. Both are important - and becoming more urgent as the hours pass by - but compared to a discussion with my daughter about baptism. Not even close.

"Special offers" come into our lives - so do God's miracles. Being able to distinguish the offers that are "too good to be true" because they aren't from the others that bless us off our feet because that's the way God works is HUGE.

I have learned, through the years, that I have a pretty good barometer. I wasn't able to utilize it til I realized it was in my 'gut' and in my heart --not in my head. For a long, long time, I'd talk myself out of what I knew to be true by rationalizing the 'evidence' that surrounded me. I'd cling to someone's words as truth, despite drowning in their contradictory actions.

It took some time, but I've learned some things. I've learned I need to disconnect my preferences and emotions from the events at hand. If I am to see clearly, it must not be through the lens of my hopes and dreams, fears and dreads.

I have also learned that the world's urgency, and my hesitancy must be removed as well. Just as the students in my son's karate class must wait on their instructor to say "GO!" before they work on their 'black belt speed', I must wait for God to say 'go' before I rush off into my life. I must bring it before God.

If I listen, He will speak. "wait", "go", "listen", "stop", "run", "look", "yes", "no". If I haven't heard, it isn't time.

Thus Far, He has lead me. He has "stalked" me, called me. He has remained beside me, whispering in my hear.

"Listen", "look", "hope", "pray", "love".....

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