Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Return to Service

This is an exciting time of year for me. Not only is summer drawing to a close, which will mark the beginning of my favorite season, autumn, but it also marks the beginning of the school year.

Structured schedules will return, as will opportunities to serve. I was amazed to realize how much I enjoy volunteering at my kids' school. I started during their kindergarten year.

It was then that I found out about "Helping Hands". On Thursdays, parents come to lend a hand at school. Teachers frequently set out projects that we can help with. Sometimes, it's cutting yarn, or die cutting letters or symbols. I've created rabbits in the spring, and a bunch of BIG red Cliffords.

I enjoy lunch with my children, and camaraderie with fellow parents working toward a common goal - the task at hand, and the bigger picture: supporting the teachers and the school so the students can learn!

This year, I will also serve in a more formal capacity: PTO President. I have asked God to prepare me for this, to guide me, and support me throughout the year! I have a wonderful board and I look forward to beginning the year!

I have my list of fears that I am handing straight over to Him.

I believe in service. I believe in our school. And I believe He has a plan for us.

May I follow where You lead....

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