Friday, November 14, 2008

"Not Working"

There are so many things swirling through my head – so many things that ‘aren’t working’, so it seems. Interesting. My perspective. “Not working”. Perhaps they are working just as they should and I just don’t understand it.

Perhaps the change that I feel swirling around me is working just exactly as it needs to. Perhaps the “not working” is a way of showing me that this door is closing. I don't know. The thing that I do know is whenever one door is closed, another one is opened.

Doesn't matter that God opened the door years ago exactly when I needed it! "For everything, there is a season...". Yeah - seems I just said that (oh yeah, I did).

Sometimes I find myself at closed doors wanting to scratch and claw and scream "But you don't understand how important this is to me!!" Ah, but He does. And then I remember all the other things that were "important" to me. The things that I held onto with every bit of strength within me. The things that I can't imagine still being in my life.

So, I try to knock gently against the doors, rather than force my way through. If they open, fabulous, if not, I must wait, be still and watch and wait for the new doors to open. I know they will. Maybe not instantaneously. Maybe they're already open, but I'm so focused on the apparently closing one to notice.

Trusting. Walking in faith. Knowing that if the door is truly closing, another one will open. Either way - open or closed - I will be cared for and loved. It will work for good. Of this I am certain.

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