Sunday, November 9, 2008

In God We Trust.....Hallelujah!

It's Saturday night, following a busy week. I am acutely aware that I will be interpreting the music at church Sunday morning. I am also very aware that I have not 'connected' with the music this week. It has been difficult to focus on the task at hand. Over and over, I play the music, hoping it will move into my body - take residence on my hands. Nothing yet... I don't even find myself singing along... uh-oh! That's NEVER good...

And as I begin writing, the music changes.... "I'll be by your side, where ever you fall, in the dead of night, whenever you call.... please don't fight these hands that are holding you".... (funny - THAT song, I connect with!)

It's a timely reminder of what I've been thinking all evening. "I'm really going to have to trust God in this..." (Seems to be a theme lately, so why not in my interpreting as well, right? Exactly.) I will definitely have to practice complete and total trust in God tomorrow as I stand before the congregation. It is only by depending on Him that these signs will flow of my hands. My willingness, His grace.

The other thing that I am acutely aware of: There are a plethora of "Hallelujah"s in the music this week... I will sign the word "Hallelujah" no less than 28 times. Twenty-eight times... (maybe it's important and I should pay attention!)

And now, with a little different perspective (as I write, listen to the music, and count the "halleljuah"s), I focus more on the lyrics. I am made aware of some of other phrases I will be signing:

"I don't care what the world throws at me now, I'm gonna be alright" Ain't THAT the truth!! Whatever happens, I'm gonna be alright. Stuff is just stuff. He has always been faithful. His hands have always held me - even when I've been fighting.

"The only things that satisfy come from You". True sweetness in those lines. And a good reminder these days. If it doesn't come from Him, it's not worth chasing... it won't truly satisfy.

And, the very last musical line that I will sign is "He will respond"

Shaking my head, I am in awe. I sat down to blog with no idea where this would go - nothing but "oh boy, tomorrow's signing is really going to suck" going through my head. (THAT didn't seem like such a good topic) But, as I listen to the chosen music (again!), and read the words on the page, He speaks to me... "He will respond"... He DID respond....

"Now all that I can say is Hallelujah!" and Amen.

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