Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blessing in Disguise

So.... my boy wanted to play basketball. We talked with him long and hard about it and he agreed that he would stick with it despite the fact that it is a contact sport. I watched his practice Monday night. First time I'd seen him in action. I sort of laughed to myself as he'd "duck and cover" after releasing the ball. "Wise move, considering his shot", one of the dad said. And he is so right - as an athlete, my son has to hone his skills....

Then he got one in. (Yes, I was the freaky basketball mom who clapped wildly from the stands!). One of the next shots, apparently he forgot his defensive moves. I looked over and he's upset, refusing to play. Coach says he got hit in the head. He wanted him to just hold the ball at least - he refused. If it got near him, he'd push it away.

I walked over and worked some of my Mom Magic. "Looks like you're pretty angry at that ball" He looked at me. "You could punch it, you know.... and if you REALLY wanted to let it know you're mad, you could throw it REALLY hard at the rim". The sparkle returned to his eye, and he returned to the game. All's well... so I think...

Practice ends, coach is talking with the team. I look up again after gathering my things. "Oh, God... no." Sure enough, no denying it. My son is vomiting...repeatedly. (EWWWW....) We've been tagged with the "24 hour bug" (I can only hope - but start the clock if it is!)

Solo shopping trip after practice - canceled. School tomorrow - canceled (oh yeah - we're bringing cupcakes for his birthday AND it's pictures with Santa). Meeting tomorrow - uhm, we'll see. Teaching tomorrow night - not likely. My plans change on a dime. (Trust me, it could have been SOOO much worse - if we're to have bug, the timing is PERFECT - thank You, God!)

The night is long, between standing with my son as he pukes and letting the dog out and then in again. A series of one-hour naps does not a restful night make.

But... I had a wonderful day with my son (Bejeweled Twist rocks!) We also had a quiet watch-a-movie-with-my-kids night, that otherwise wouldn't have happened. It turned out to be a wonderful, wonderful gift. (And, generally - he seemed to feel pretty good - well, when he wasn't puking, of course!)

Thank you God for our health, and my wonderful circle of friends.

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Anonymous said...

poor thing! anger on the court then vomitting :-( ya'll are in my prayers