Thursday, November 27, 2008

Counting My Blessings...

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! It's not all about the food, either, I assure you! Sure, I love the feast - the turkey, mashed potatoes (hold the gravy!) and my father-in-law's oyster dressing. The sweet potatoes (hold the marshmallows) and pumpkin (now pecan!) pie.

It's more than that. Partly, I love the history of it. I grew up in New England, not TOO far from Plymouth itself - in the years when we measured snow in feet - and often had several at one time! Towns and roads had Indian names, and old New England homes were plentiful.

I loved imagining the Pilgrims and the Indians. I can just see the harvest. Feel the gratitude of having survived a New England winter. I would have thrived in those days - if I hadn't died of smallpox, that is!

But, most of all... I love the gratitude. Thanksgiving, for me, has always been a day to focus on the blessings in my life. Not the "stuff" I have in my life - though much of it, I am grateful for (and much of it I could do without!) - but, the real, true, honest-to-God blessings I have been given. My God. My family. My friends. My health. My daily bread.

Thank you Lord for Your presence in my life, and the blessings You have showered upon me. I truly am blessed beyond my wildest imaginings!!

I wish you all a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psa 107:1 NKJV

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