Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Wisdom of Children

"I love you, Mommy.... SOOOOOOO much" they say. "I love you SOOOOOOO much, too!!" I reply. It has become our special greeting - a hello, a good bye, final words at bedtime. It doesn't matter, when, it just matters that we do.

And oh, how I love them! They have taught me so much. They have great wisdom that I must not take for granted.

They have modeled honesty - even when it wasn't in their "best interests", though, truth be known, honesty is always in their best interests.... and mine.

They see the world through innocent eyes. Their perceptions have not been skewed by the world. They hope and they "act as if", just knowing that what they most desire will magically incarnate, if not in this moment, than in the next.

They live out love. With friends, with family, with strangers. They extend love and joy in more directions that I can keep track of. And, they do so without strings or expectations. They love for the sake of loving.

They have modeled forgiveness - often returning to play only moments following a disagreement with a playmate. (Now, a disagreement with a sibling - that may take a little longer!)

They have modeled living with a passion for life itself. Living in this moment, and enjoying it to the fullest. The joy in just BE-ing, in laughing whole-heartedly, in running with the wind in their hair, and spinning until they are fall-down dizzy.

They have helped me to understanding the meaning of the word "cherish". That truth hit me shortly after they were born. I was brought to tears when the love I felt for them overwhelmed my heart. Each day I love them more, despite the fact that, each day, I'm sure I could never love them more than I do right now!

They have taught me much through the years.... and I doubt they are done with their lessons.

Thank You, God for my children. May I hear and learn the wisdom they so willingly share.

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