Saturday, November 15, 2008

Moments of Gratitude: My friends

I just have to acknowledge how grateful I am for my friends - online, face to face. Doesn't matter. I am blessed to have you in my life!

I've been a little angry lately - to the point where I've got a "don't mess with me" attitude. (OK, truth be know, I usually think a little "stronger" verb, and sometimes speak it...) It's not all bad, actually - the attitude, not the language choices... It's really helping me meet my goal of being sugar free - I can just turn to the sweet thing and say "don't mess with me!" Talk about empowering! One thing I like about anger - it IS empowering!

But, I digress - I was talking about gratitude and my friends.

I was invited to go with 2 friends to dinner and then a spa-ish party. Friends sounded great - dinner sounded great. But, I'm not a big party girl. I don't particularly like groups of people I don't know... and this would be one. The only two people I would know are my two friends. But, I went. (even wore my "don't mess with me" shoes!!)

By the end of the evening, I'd forgotten my anger, I'd mingled with the other guests, AND.... I had fun! (perhaps, I am getting OK with groups of people I don't know)

I will be ever grateful for the many friends I have in my life. If you are one of them reading, know that you are well-loved.

Thank you God for the wonderful friends you have brought into my life.

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