Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Not Fair!

I remember saying that as a child. I remember distinctly the year that it snowed on my sister's birthday - January 10. She was exempt from shoveling the foot of snow we'd received overnight. "It's NOT FAIR!" I said. "If it snows on YOUR birthday, you won't have to shovel! Now, get to work!!!" my father said. Begrudgingly, I did, muttering under my breath - "Yeah, right, snow on MY birthday - in April... not likely". But, sure enough, April 7th that year was covered in a blanket of white. I reminded my father of what he said. He told me (in language needing to be cleaned up to be suitable for the blog) "Go shovel!" "It's NOT FAIR!!" I said. "Life is not fair", he replied.

They were words I hated to hear as a child - and words I tried to avoid hearing, by not declaring "It's NOT FAIR!"

I hear it now from time to time, but my perspective on it, is completely different. With my kids, I reply "Life's not fair" - and am now grateful for the lesson my father taught me. (though, whenever possible, I do try to level the playing field!). But more importantly, I am reminded of how grateful I am that life isn't fair!

If life were fair, I'd weigh significantly more than I do, for one thing. For another thing, if life were fair, I'd never have experienced Grace - and never have been able to extend Grace. If life were fair, I'd never experience the presence of God - He would have long abandoned me after my years of neglect.

Thank you God for Grace - and the Mercy you extend my way!

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