Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rest and Perspective.

It seems as if I should have something to say... but right now, I can't think of a thing...

It seems God and I have been traveling a million miles per hour lately, and the past few days, we've just been standing still. I'm sure there is a reason - and honestly, I'm a little glad.

It has been somewhat exhausting, the work we have been doing. Partly, it's the healing work itself, and partly it's me, finding myself lost in a sermon podcast, or investigating the meaning of "obedience". I've needed a little time to rest - and to catch up on day to day obligations.

It has been interesting, too.... to go through my day to day routine with a little different perspective. One day, as I headed out the door, I asked Him to show me how I could be a little more of service to the people I came in contact with that day. I found myself a little more patient on the road, and little more willing to stand and wait for the next person to walk through the store door. I made a little more eye contact, and exchanged smiles with them.

I wonder how it would be if those days became my norm... rather than the self-focused, hurry, hurry, hurry my days often become...

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