Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Don't Run Away" ... or The Puzzle That is My Life

I was enjoying being back in my MMA class this morning, when I began to notice the lyrics of a new song playing behind our kicks and punches. I wasn't able to get much of a handle on the exact words, or the artist, but it called to me, so I listened more attentively.

"Don't run away..." again and again and again. "Don't run away...." (OK, God, I got that. "Don't run away...") And still it continued, "Don't run away..."


How perfectly it ties in with the other things I have been hearing (again and again) lately (and again today!)


"...and having done all, to stand firm..."

Sometimes, it feels like I'm trying to put together the jigsaw puzzle that is my life, and God keeps giving me this piece and this piece and this piece. Often, He seems to give me pieces that are themed together - blue sky pieces, or cloud pieces, or landscape pieces. Perhaps, He has already given me the edge pieces, and thus established the boundaries within which we will work.

I know the "Thou shalt not"s, and many of the promises that He has spoken for my life. But, the details that fall between the edges are still unclear to me.

I'm not saying that is a bad thing - it's not. I rather enjoy not knowing *exactly* where we are headed and the "picture" that we are creating. I will admit, though, there are times that I would like to know how many thousands of pieces this puzzle contains.

But, I digress... and I wonder. This theme of "Standing" and not running away... It makes me wonder if I AM currently "running away" or am I "standing". I wonder it's a call to my back, or if it's a sort of preparation: "Stand right there, and don't run away when I show you this....."

I suppose time will tell.

And, maybe, I'll be fortunate to hear that song again...

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