Thursday, September 1, 2011

Additional Perspective

As I re-read yesterday's blog post - which is my habit, for sometimes I learn from what I have written - something caught my eye...

It appeared from reading what I'd written, that my life is either intently "God-connect"-ed OR it is day-to-day mundane tasks of the To Do list... I have been aware lately, of the internal struggle between the Mary and Martha aspects of my life.... Do I sit at His feet, listen and learn, or do I focus on the things that need to be done to keep a household up and running? Where do I find the balance between the two?

I think back to a moment in time when I experienced God in the Mundane. Right there in the midst of my day to day activities. I know it existed at one time. I remember writing about it. (Thank God for Google to be able to FIND it again!!)

As I re-read it, I am encouraged, because it supports what I was thinking initially about finding Him there - in the mundane. Yesterday I wrote about serving others I meet out there in the world.

Today, may I remember the ways in which I can serve those with whom I live.

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