Friday, August 5, 2011

Comparing Economies...

I received some disappointing news on my way out the door to meet some work colleagues. I was grateful to have the drive to gain some perspective .... and pray. My experience, thus far, has been that God is forever faithful and I do trust that He will continue to be.... even in this.

As I was driving, He was reminding me of the different economies at play, and questioning exactly where my feet were standing. Was I grounded in the world's economy, where "stuff" is valued (lots and lots of "stuff"), or was I planted in His economy, which values relationship, service and love?

It took the entire ride to sort it through. I remembered back to when my children were born - before they were, actually, if we're being completely honest! I knew without a doubt that my purpose here on earth is to be their mother - first and foremost. That hasn't changed. I had simply forgotten to look through His eyes at the situation.

Does it make a difference? Through His eyes, no it doesn't.

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