Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A New Lesson Plan

I attended my first adult karate class. I am terribly excited to finally be beginning this journey. For months now, I have been waiting for the official "GO!" Taking the class required some schedule manipulations and my resignation from my yoga teaching gig. It also required a willingness on my part to change.

Finally, it's time. Driving there, I ask for God to speak clearly. I have this love/hate battle going on inside as I make that request. I long for that, and yet, I know nothing remains the same after He does speak. I have heard Him speak before, sitting at the sidelines, watching my son's karate class. I hope/fear that He will speak again as I begin this journey. Deep inside, if I'm really honest, I *know* that He will.

I've sat through many of my son's classes, so I know some of the drill. I know the "new kid" stands at the back, on the end. I know how to stand at attention and in rest stance, and I know which is appropriate at certain times.

What I didn't know is that I can do a push-up. Yes, it was a "girly" push-up. But it was a push-up. Actually, closer to thirty. Some just regular, some with a punch, some raising both hands off of the ground, some tapping the opposite shoulder.

What I didn't know is how differently it feels to recite the student creed, rather than just hearing it. Something hits deep inside saying "I AM a dedicated student..."

Bring it on, God...

"I AM a dedicated student...."

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