Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Worry.... or not....

I got a phone call Monday afternoon. It was to let me know that I had a certified letter waiting for me at the post office. They had sent a second notice. I'd missed the first one because of spring break.

I didn't have time to pick up the notification slip and make it to the post office before they closed. I would have to wait. (I don't like to wait!)

In the back of my brain, I was pretty sure I knew who it was from. It went downhill from there. Briefly.

I wondered if they sent mail certified for all responses or just "bad news". ..

I spent some time wishing the office had called me earlier, but realized that was just wasted breath.

I swung by the office and picked up both notices. The first one confirmed my hunch about the sender.

I felt the knot in my stomach tighten a little more... And then I sort of shook my head and laughed at myself. The letter had been sitting there for a week, but this was the first time I had felt anxious about it's presence. I had been (somewhat patiently) awaiting it's arrival at home, forgetting they would reply to the business address.

I was reminded by a friend that it is temporal, not eternal, and not to sweat the small stuff. I also discovered that the lesson in my bible study (that I was to do) was about "peace", and God being bigger then all the small stuff in this world.... even the small stuff that is disguised as big stuff.

Their decision was made well over a week ago. I must wait another few hours. Worrying about the contents won't change them, nor will it change what must be done afterward, if anything.

I will wait and I will trust.

God is bigger than this.

And, it might.... MIGHT.... even be good news!

Matthew 6:34 (New International Version)

34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

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Jae said...

God's a control freak and its all about Him!!! Hang in there, toots.
Love ya!!!! Jae