Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Speed of Time

The days and weeks are flying by. I can hardly believe it.

April arrives later this week, and Easter is Sunday. Lent is over - almost. Wow.

There is a definite warmth to the afternoons, and flowers and buds on many of the trees and bushes.

The grass has been mowed. All sure signs that Spring is coming QUICKLY if not already here.

There doesn't seem to be a way to slow it down. Though, for a moment, this afternoon, I did.

I sat and did nothing but breathe. OK, truth be told, I did throw a "Thank You" or two up to God for the sunshine, and a completed task, but aside from that, those moments were still.

And, yet, this evening, it has sped up again....

It's a crazy thing, time. Another something I don't totally understand.

I'm learning that there are many of those.... things I don't understand.

Now, to take a few more moments to do nothing but breathe....

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