Saturday, March 20, 2010

FIlling My "Soul-cup"

I am a visual and a kinesthetic learner. That is, I learn best by watching and by doing. Knowing that, I find it strangely amusing to even wonder that God speaks to me through American Sign Language.

At our bible study* this week, Angela Thomas was talking about the empty hole inside of each of us, and proceeded to give us a visual example. She had previously reminded us our our human tendency to fill that hole with things here on earth - relationships, children, stuff. She challenged us through her demonstration to reach our Soul-cup out to Jesus to fill.

She held an empty glass, and poured water from a pitcher. At first, she filled it only part way - just a taste, not the full experience. She encouraged us to STAY THERE, until our cups were filled..... and then literally running over.

As I was leaving - sitting quietly alone in my car - I tried it in ASL. "Soul" "cup" that I then reached out away from my body. It's powerful stuff. Just as signing "all-of-me surrender", or physically laying something down at the foot of the cross and taking a step away makes the urge to take it back a little harder to act on, holding out my "soul-cup" - literally, physically - makes that space within me a little less nagging.

May I reach my "Soul-cup" to You, and stay until my cup runneth over.

(*Living Your Life as a Beautiful Offering)

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