Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caring for Our Own

I have been very, very fortunate. I have spent the past twenty-plus years in nursing. The vast majority, I have spent working in a Level One Trauma Center, on the trauma service.

Oh, trust me, I've seen it all... I've heard stories and seen injuries that you wouldn't believe if HIPPA laws would allow me to tell. But, I have never experienced what the staff in our Emergency Department experienced Monday morning. Thank You, God!

One of their own returned to their care.

Yes, I've cared for nurses and 'medics - even extricated a few from their vehicles in my EMS days. But never, ever one of my co-workers. Hospital employees and their families, yes. MY peers, no.

She finished her shift and was heading home. Not long after, she returned to the care of the doctors and nurses to whom she had just said good-bye. I have no doubt that they mounted a valiant fight, but apparently, God has other plans for her.

I know she will be long remembered and her signature fish with the words "Have a Blessed Day" will be etched on the hearts of many, as it was on the dry erase boards she came across.

I ask that you pray for the staff. And for her family.

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