Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nail Holes....

We've been talking again at karate about nail holes.

The nail hole story illustrates beautifully the power of words and their lingering effects. The word, when spoken leaves a mark, as the nail does after it's pounded into the wood. Even sincere apologies, which may have the power to remove the nail from the wood still leave a mark - a permanent indentation where they landed.

Driving home, I began thinking of the nails that have been sent my direction. Yes, I'm sure I have fired some off myself, and this illustration has renewed my resound to use my words wisely, but this night I was thinking of those coming toward me.

Some have been single shots, others have felt like they were being fired repeatedly from multi-loaded nail guns. Others feel like they have been pounded again and again, over and over, and have been deeply embedded

I wonder what my heart really looks like from this perspective. I am sure there are marks in various stages of healing. Some, I am sure have healed over pretty nicely, and others have left some lingering scars. I wonder how many nails remain, and how many are there that I haven't fully acknowledged, or have more healing to go that I am not aware of.

I then began to think about the healing process. Our instructor mentioned people trying to fix them with drugs and alcohol (and I would add a list of other addictive behaviors!). I would dare say those are anesthetics rather than cures. The problem is that anesthesia doesn't heal, but actually delays healing, as well as create a whole host of other problems.

Ignoring the wounds doesn't heal them, nor does picking at them repeatedly.

Time helps. Acknowledging their existence helps, and for me, some tears help.

But, I really don't think that *I* can heal my nail holes.....


God can.

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