Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

I have had the pleasure (seriously!) of doing a bit of Spring Cleaning. I wish it had been just a TAD bit warmer, so I could have opened the windows wide, but.... there will be time for that in the future.

I sorted through toy bins and dress up clothes, book cases and closets. Boxes and bags are in the process of being prepared for their destinations: friends, school, church yard sale, the dump. Dishes and clothes were washed, and except for the last loads, put away.

There are still some papers to file, surfaces to dust and corners to sweep... it is, of course, an ongoing process.

What I am most grateful for is a day to have the time to sort - to inventory - the "stuff" that surrounds me. It is as equally important as inventorying the "stuff" that is within me...

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