Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seeing a Difference

Its not often that I seriously think of writing a thank you note to a health care provider. Generally, I'm healthy, and seek care only for health maintenance purposes. I have been blessed with wonderful providers, and have no complaints re: care, but my most recent exposure was amazing!!

This week is vacation bible school at the church where my children attend when they are with their father. My son VERY much wanted to go, so I agreed to the 40 minute commute each way, plus the three hour study time. It's a hunk of time out of my week that I'd love to put toward unpacking, laundry, housework, yard work and RE packing, but I also see the value in helping my kids be comfortable at their dad's church too, so off we've gone. (And, yes there is an awareness that God has cleared some time for He and I to spend together....especially after Sunday morning's events...I'm sure of it!)

I have tried to make a list of the errands that I can do in that part of town while there in class (as well as some quiet time). One of the things on my list is my annual eye exam. I was particularly wanting to get this done this week since we will be heading to visit my family in New England next week, and I'm on my last pair of contacts.

As I dropped the kids off at "Destiny Airways", I called the vision center to see what the odds of an available appointment during the few hours my kids are at the church. I was amazed when I could be seen that very day!

As I walked in and met the optometrist, I told her how happy I was to be able to be seen that morning. "You must be having problems?" I said, "No, actually, but we're going out of town, and I'm on my last pair of lenses. I like to have a spare". She asked about my prescription history and how it had changed at my last visit. We joked a little bit about me finding myself holding things out a little farther to read these days. I hadn't thought about it, but in discussing it, realized it was true. She laughed and said "Yes, God designed our eyes for reading, not for seeing far away...." "... but then there's the driving...." I added. She nodded, "Who said that God was perfect....?" At my silence, she said "Oh, yeah... HE did."

Long story short, it was the most fun I've had while getting my vision checked in AGES!! I even love my multifocal lenses (that would be "bifocals", folks!!) Seriously, it's like being a kid again! I can SEE.... really, really SEE!! Amazing! (And amazing at what I took for granted as 'seeing')

I've come to discover that the print in my bible isn't too small or fuzzy after all!! SCORE!!

Thank you, God for this woman of joy that you brought into my life - and her reminder to me that You are perfect!! (I really needed her perspective!)

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