Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vineyard Sailing Camp

One of my most memorable places on earth was tucked into a little corner of Lagoon Pond, on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. Vineyard Sailing Camp.

I was a little older - an official teenager when I was there! It was a wonderful combination of sailing, swimming and biking. We'd sail in the Ragatta and "Set spin" at a kite festival in Oak Bluffs, and ride our bikes to spend the day in Edgartown.

I developed a wonderful friendship with one of my counselors, Mimi. We met my first year there, and kept in touch through nearly three decades since then. She touched my heart in a special way, and became a mentor of sorts through my adolescent and early college years.

My second year there was more challenging. I spent most of my two week adventure in the infirmary, only to find out upon my return to the mainland that I needed my appendix out! That is another story in itself, but it led to my decision to pursue nursing.

Mimi rode with me, delivered me safely from camp to my mother, on the ferry ride.

Had they not closed the camp the following year, I am sure I would have continued my "camp life" on the Vineyard.

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