Monday, July 6, 2009

Camp Memories

As I prepare to spend a week as "Camp Nurse", with my children as campers, I thought I'd share some of my camp memories through the years. Starting, of course at the beginning.

I have vague memories from my very first experience as a camper. One thing does stand out, though: I had tried to roll all my belongings up in my sleeping bag - like a good Girl Scout would. On my way from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, it managed to unroll in the bus storage compartment . I recall being embarrassed as a "tween", watching my things being tossed from the back of that compartment, gathering them and trying to stuff them into my sleeping bag to carry to my tent.

Despite that beginning, I returned to camp every summer for several years. I spent my first summer at Camp Wabasso in New Hampshire as a camper - and later as a Counselor-in-Training. In between I spent two years on Martha's Vineyard at the Sailing participating in camp activities, the second in the infirmary.

I took one summer away from the camp tour entirely, spending six weeks in Mexico. But, I soon returned to Summer Camp life as staff at a YMCA camp in Connecticut.

I learned much about myself, and relating to others at camp. Memories from those years are cherished and held close to my heart. It only takes a song or a campfire to bring me back.

As we begin this week, I'll share my wish for my children: That they create wonderful memories, create new friends, and grow in ways only camp can encourage.

I'll also ask for prayers (again): for me and all of the children who will be there this week.

God bless us every one!

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