Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Wendy House

I love witnessing a dream become a reality. It's been this way for my sister and a little bit of Maine wilderness.

She purchased the land several years ago, and every year add "a little something". Shelter and a flush toilet was HUGE on the list of improvements. But, the parts that I really enjoy are watching the way my sister creates gardens and view points. The paths she has created and the areas where the kids (of all ages) catch frogs.

Her goal was a place where family and friends could come, visit, unwind and enjoy life. For many years, it was "unplugged" - no TV, no games, no cell phone.

We've been every year since my children were born. From the day we leave, they ask "how many days" til we are back at "Picnic Mountain"?

It's her Wendy House.... and it is magical. And today, you'll likely find me either in the hammock, or in the air chair on the porch - surrounded by family, loving life.

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