Saturday, July 25, 2009

On the Surface of the Water

Skimming the surface of the lake, searching for loon, exploring the shoreline with the evergreens standing tall. It's a part of our visit that we look forward to ever since my sister got her kayaks.

It's quiet and peaceful in the midst of God's beauty. The water is cool and the sun warm on our faces.

My kids like to take turns sitting in front, which allows for some one on one time with each. "Mom! Look at that!" they'll say as a school of fish swim beneath us. They dangle their fingers along the water's surface as I paddle along.

Being a little boat on the big lake helps me keep things in perspective. The vastness of the lake a mere blip within the vastness of God. Beauty surrounds me. Peace is everywhere...

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Pam said...

just reading through some of your posts, sounds like your sisters place on picnic mountain is WONDERFUL! id love to visit that part of the country! be blessed sister!