Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to Camp Life

I must admit, I was a little nervous. It had been over 20 years since I'd set foot in a camp. What if camps had changed as much in two decades as the rest of the world had?

That was only the beginning of my "what if..." list. The rest began with "What if I wasn't any good at "camp nursing"?", "What if I was appalled at the number of medicated kids?", "What if my kids hated it?", "What if...", "What if...."

Somehow, I figured most of those were just fear talking, and all would be fine... but seriously, the number of medicated kids really, really concerned me. I was afraid I'd be disheartened.

So, I did all I knew to do.... I prayed. For lots and lots of things. For wisdom and endurance for me, for health and safety for everyone at camp. I prayed that I would handle my responsibilities with grace. I prayed that the fact that we were meeting at camp would lessen the "re-entry syndrome" we experience when my kids return from their dad's.

I also requested prayers from friends. General prayers for safety, health and wisdom, as well as more specific ones from time to time.

I arrived to find the camp without power, and my living quarters had recently treated for brown recluse spiders - traps still in the corners of the building. As I put my first load of belongings into my residence, I picked up my cell phone. I text'd a few praying friends two specific requests: restoration of power and protection from spiders. (both were answered!)

Not long after, campers began to arrive. Some excited, some apprehensive. The first night was busy with paperwork and preparations, but it steadily transformed itself into the camp life that I know and love. Laughter, teamwork, kids being kids. Full, deep breaths of fresh air. Beautiful days. Peaceful nights.

It was a wonderful, wonderful week - I learned much. With time to sit and read, pray and reflect, He had time to speak to me... and I had time to listen (when I wasn't searching for my camera battery charger!)

We had fun. We made friends. We were challenged. We're looking forward to next year!

But, I can tell already....until then.... I'm going to miss "rest hour".

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