Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Your Boy.... Your Girl....

While I was at camp, I had an opportunity to read.... lots and lots of opportunity! Fortunately, I brought several books: my Bible, The Shack, and a pair of books by Vicki Courtney - Your Boy and Your Girl.

I've had the Courtney books for several years. They came highly recommended, and I continue that legacy - they were wonderful! I especially love the subtitles: "Raising a godly son/daughter in an ungodly world". How true... and how on my heart lately!

Your Girl was the first one I completed. It was the one I felt the most urgency to read at the time. Perhaps it's just a "girl thing", but my girl is the one who seems to demonstrate the strongest desire to grow up FAST, and wants to demonstrate how "grown up" she is through her style, her wardrobe and her behavior.

It was a refreshing combination of cold hard facts, biblical truths and an easy read. I have made a mental note to copy her daily prayer suggestions into an easily accessible "cheat sheet" as a reminder to me to pray specifically for my children.

The Your Boy book was equally well written - much of the statistics were the same, but there was more focus on online security and helping a boy recognize Godly qualities in his female counterparts.

What I didn't realize as I read them that God's timing would be perfect. I finished the Your Boy book Friday afternoon. That evening, at the camp dance, I was shown that perhaps it is my boy who will need this information more quickly!

Thank You, God, for leading me to these books, and to remind me gently that I need to begin these conversations immediately!

(More on the dance soon! Oh my....)

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