Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Lens of Distortion

Not long ago, my Facebook status read: "Linda... wonders how the world became so deceived".

It was one of those moments when the absurdity of calling Fast Food, or the remote control a "convenience" hit me. And, yes, I am all about "convenience" sometimes - not so much the remote control, but for sure the microwave, the ATM and instant messaging. I have bought into much of what the world has sold, and now I am trying to untangle from it.

Multi-tasking is the norm, as is an over-booked schedule. "Me time" is considered selfish or frivolous, and the thought of just sitting around talking is "BOR-ing".... especially to the younger generation.

For me, growing up, Sundays were "family days". I hated it. Nothing to do. No friends. I couldn't even text or IM them. If I was lucky I could squeeze in a phone call. Sometimes, we had an adventure - most of the time, we had to create one, my siblings and me.

I wonder what has happened through the years. How did the priorities get all twisted up? I wonder if people realize that families are falling apart, and our attempts to "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps" are for naught. Instant gratification and lack of acceptance of responsiblity for the consequences of our decisions are killing us. Literally. It's as if the lens we look through is being made fuzzier and fuzzier, rather than clearer and clearer.

Perhaps, we need a new optometrist! As I continue on my journey of being "Stalked by God", I am becoming more and more clear on many, many things in my life that need refocusing: The importance of my family. The importance of face-to-face , real-life interaction with others. Service. Gratitude. Unstuffing the schedule. Making time to be with God - to intentionally focus on Him, be with Him. Rigorous honesty. Humility. Willingness. Prayer. Time to listen and reflect.

With each shift of the lens, the image is clearer. It has to happen. I am deceiving myself if I ignore it.

May I look. May I see and hear clearly. May I stand firmly in my conviction. May my heart remain open to listen and to learn. May my focus be on You. May I follow where you lead.

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