Monday, April 13, 2009

And the Blessings Continue...

It was one of the longest days ever. I'd woken up in a foul mood, and nothing seemed to be going right. Had I been able to just SIT, and do nothing, and others need nothing, it would have been much easier. But, to complicate matters, there were things that needed doing, and it seemed like the kids were especially needy that day. "Mom!" "Mom!" "Mom!" I tried to inhale before each reply, but know that it didn't always succeed in lessening the frustration in my voice.

We'd been to the store, had lunch, and now we were beginning our walk. Delay after delay - one wanted a sweatshirt, the other wanted to take hers off. I just sat and waited. Bike, scooter and dog prepared, we were finally off.

After the first turn, we saw some neighbors coming up the road in their red truck. As they approached, they slowed and rolled down the window. A son, sitting in the back near an extension ladder nodded and waived. "Have you called anyone about your roof yet?" I shook my head, "not yet..."

You gotta know when you live at the top of a hill, in the middle of a treeless field, on a street that has the word "Wind" in it, there's gonna be a breeze. Sometimes it gets a little carried away and so do my shingles.

"Mind if we take care of it for you?" I just stared for a minute before I could reply, "Not at all." In my head the mantra began: "don't cry now, don't cry now, don't cry now..." He nodded and drove away.... Just in time! As his truck turned up the hill, the tears spilled down my face.

Even - or especially - in the midst of a difficult day, God provides. He has surrounded me with people who love and support me.... again, and again, and again....

As we completed our walk, his wife and eldest son pulled into our driveway. Apparently one of my shingles was completely missing, and they had just returned with one from their house. "So, now you have one a different color" he said. "...To remind myself of your kindness", I thought to myself. I could only nod...

"Don't cry now... don't cry now.... don't cry now...."

Thank you God for the blessings that continue to flow into my life.

Beyond my wildest imaginings, I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

I think I might know who that neighbor is and yes, he is very kind and puts feet to his love for Christ.

Pam said...

i have neighbors like that too... one just filled in some cement in a window well, hoping that my basement never floods again... i hear you.