Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm sorry, "Stalked" ... ?

Yes, "stalked".... though I do use the term tongue-in-cheek. By no means to I believe that God is following me around with intent to harm. Quite to the contrary!

I came upon the title of my book after a particularly difficult weekend. (yes, one day, I will write a book - for now, the blog will do.) I knew where God wanted me to go, but I was so tired and so weary, that rather than follow immediately in obedience, I resisted. I spent the weekend avoiding and ignoring.... and when I tucked myself into bed Sunday night, completely spent, I could hear the Gentle Voice deep within: "Are you done yet? C'mon let's go..."

Sitting on the side of the bed, weeping, I said aloud "My God, You are still there..." (in spite of my Self!) "Stalked by God".... forever and always. Amen.


kristin said...

Can't wait for the book!
You have a gift - well many gifts.:-)

Pam said...

I can see why you will write a book. People keep telling me I will write one too... we will see about that... I dont' have your confidence... I'm reading through August...