Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meeting on the mat

It was that period of time between the death of my dear friend, Karen and the death of my father. I had "some how" (thank you, God!) arrived in a yoga class at our local YMCA. I couldn't tell you much about that first class aside from the Gentle Voice Within SCREAMING at me: "This is IMPORTANT! LISTEN!! PAY ATTENTION!!!". I recognized that feeling within me now - a new "teacher" stood before me.

Week after week, I felt as if she had been following me - "stalking" me - for she spoke my truth. She provided answers to my unspoken questions (thank you, God, for the way You speak to me through the people You bring into my life!!).

I learned many things in that class: most importantly, I learned to breathe and I learned how to be still - physically and mentally. As I experienced moments of stillness, I realized - God was meeting me there on the yoga mat.

When we would move into camel pose - with the heart open wide to the heavens - I would spill the tears I'd hidden deep within my heart, then collapse into child's pose... God was there, with me on the yoga mat, catching my tears, healing my brokenness and my pain.

Be still.... He says.... Be Still and Know...

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Pam said...

maybe I should learn yoga, I sure could use help being still.