Saturday, August 30, 2008

Press into God

"Press into God," she said. I didn't understand those words at first. I heard them at a bible study where Priscilla Shirer was telling us to "Press into God"... but, I mean, how does one "press into God"? It's not like we can crawl into His lap, and really, truly, lean our heads on His chest...

Then I kind of laughed as I remembered how many of the members of my congregation have 'caught' me - nestled between two trunks of an old, old oak tree.

I am a very kinesthetic learner - I am experiential. I like to DO things, participate in my world. I like to climb up and FEEL the tree: the solidity of the trunk, watch the branches dance in the breeze, experience the texture of the bark (and, no... it's not a picture of me... I was barefoot....but it IS the tree).

"Press into God". I think also of the days when I was first remembering God and delighting in His presence. I remember the mornings at the trestle bridge, where He would brush the hair out of my face...and I would lean into the wind.

"Press into God". The moments when the world has been turned upside down, and everything that used to make sense, doesn't. That's when I wish there WERE a way to crawl up into His lap, and feel His arms surround me.

Ah... but there is...the wind, the trees, the grass beneath my feet. All reminders to me of God's ever-presence in my life. All reminders that I am divinely loved, cherished, cared for.

Yes, there are days when the connection is harder to find, when the distance seems too great. The days when the shame is unbearable and the fear is overwhelming - when the idea of a relationship with God seems impossible.

Those are the days, when I most need to remember to "Press into God" - to lean toward Him, seek Him out. To trust with all that is within me - and sometimes borrowing the faith and hope of others - that God is still with me - "stalking" me. Not once letting me out of His sight. Not once.


kristin said...

Linda - I am amazed and wowed every time I read a new entry.

I feel privileged and blesses to read about your journey.

I am also amazed at how closely your thoughts mirror mine on observations, spiritual blessings, faith milestones - but you have a wonderful way with words that I have never had.

Thank you.

Pam said...

Press into God... yes, I've heard it often too... I love to close my eyes and visualize me on His lap, curled up like a little child...

Unknown said...