Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Fine Line Between Inspiration and Obsession

I am learning that there is a fine line between inspiration and obsession.

In the few days since I have been inspired to put my thoughts and experiences to (virtual) paper - thank you Matt! - I've also been aware of HOW MUCH I have to write.

I suppose that shouldn't surprise me, since I often feel like the young Cole in the movie "Sixth Sense". Cole sees dead people - everywhere. I see God - everywhere. I have a rich, rich testimony. I have struggled and wrestled. I've been truly, truly blessed... Beauty from Ashes: again and again, and again.

So... as I walk my neighborhood, or prepare a meal, my life is now suddenly interrupted: "OH! I need to blog THAT!" I take a moment, run to my computer and update my "Yet to come..." list.

Some stories want out - NOW, and others are more patient. My challenge is to present the current events as well as maintain some historical perspective. To catch us up without falling behind in real life.

Ultimately, it's about balance; about not mistaking the urgent for the important; about being intentional as I straddle the line between inspiration and obsession.

Wish me luck!

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